My First blog

Thank you for reading my artists blog and welcome to the first post...

Spent a few hours yesterday evening in my studio in glamorous central Keighley.

Had a good look at a new print of the sea horses which has been ordered and has come out well at the same size as the original painting. Will get it in the post tomorrow.

 Enjoyed the view from the studio through the leaves of the trees in the park, with a glimpse of the picturesque diamond shaped windows of the public library (The first Carnegie library in the country and designed  by Augustus Welby Pugin who was also instrumental in the design of the houses of parliament), a romantic view that always inspires me.

My studio also inspires me, it's a space where I can concentrate and work hard to produce paintings. Space, light, air and often music.

Keeper my dog usually comes with me and has a bed to sleep in. She knows what to expect and settles down quickly.

I listened to the best of James Taylor and Kate Brush the Whole story on CD, I felt how terribly sad Army Dreamers is and how beautifully Kate sings of loss, hope and tragedy. 

Painted "The Silent Path" again, this painting is in my dreams and never seems to be finished but for a change, think it may be nearly there.

This is a wonderful time of year to be an artist as the light even in our northern gloom lasts and lasts and I found I was painting in the near dark by the time we were ready to leave and I had to wake up the sleeping dog.

Long  to go back but have a great deal of art teaching at the moment which is good financially but wish I had more time in my studio.