kieron Farrow

farrow portrait.jpg


My main interest in painting and image making is colour. I work on a large scale, 6’x7’ and larger canvases. The scale gives me the freedom to build up a dynamic surface. I prime the canvases myself and use Belgium linen and artist’s oil paint. I aim for a totally non figurative narrative; no mark is made which is representative of anything other than itself. The process for me is clear from the outset, the white of the canvas is the starting point, and I apply some colour and then work from those two colours, the white and the colour. From then on each application of paint relates and enhances the previous colours and so on to a point where the surface is complicated, varied and balanced. I have travelled to many and varied places, Southern France, Tahiti and the Artic Circle where the light and place has helped to give me an intuitive understanding of colour. The artists I most admire are Paul Gauguin and George Braque.